Class of 2020

Where do they go next?

Our graduates take on a variety of different challenges when they become new surgeons.  They pursue many different sub-specialty fellowships or transition into practice.  Providing care to a whole host of different "communities," our graduates can be found throughout the USA and beyond.

Our Resident Class of 2020

Congratulations to Danielle Dougherty, MD (Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship at the University of Michigan), Ian Behr, MD (Head and Neck Fellowship at Harvard University), Chibueze Onyemkpa, MD (Cardiothoracic Fellowship at Texas Heart Institute) and Laura Ochoa-Frongia, MD (Trauma/Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at Sparrow/Michigan State University).  Your hard work and dedication have paid off.  We are all proud of your accomplishments and look forward to the amazing things you will do in the future!

Please be sure to hear from our graduating Chief Residents by clicking on their name!


Class of 2017

  • Dr. Reginald Anunobi: Private Practice in Ohio
  • Dr. John Hardaway: Surgical Oncology in Providence, RI

Class of 2018

  • Dr. Adam Basler: Private practice in Rochester, NY
  • Dr. Andi Peshkepijia: Vascular Surgery Fellowship at Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
  • Dr. Shai Mansoor: Colorectal Surgery Fellowship in Miami, FL

Class of 2019

  • Dr. Kun-Tai Hsu: Plastic Surgery Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA
  • Dr. Cody Nebeker: Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship in Flint, MI
  • Dr. Lewis Rashid: SMG General Surgery in Lansing, MI

Class of 2020

  • Dr. Ian Behr: Head and Neck Fellowship at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Institute, Boston, MA
  • Dr. Danielle Dougherty: Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Dr. Laura Ochoa-Frongia: Trauma/Critical Care Fellowship at Sparrow/MSU, Lansing, MI
  • Dr. Chibueze Onkyemkpa: Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship at Texas Heart Institute, Houston, TX